How do you get rid of nasolabial folds? Exercises

How do you get rid of nasolabial folds? Exercises

💓 The first way: is a massage to lighten the nasolabial folds
Massage is a great way to improve our facial lines
Nasal lines are no exception
For newly born small dry lines
Daily massage will be effective
1. Hit the right hand horizontally, push the finger pulp from the right side of the bridge of the nose from the inside to the outside to the temple, and press it at a fixed point for about 3 seconds
2. Repeat 2 times, and then switch sides. This move will help lift facial muscles and eliminate nasolabial folds.

💓 The second way: apply sunscreen at all times
Strong radiation and direct sunlight can directly damage the deep layers of the skin
Elastic fibers and collagen cause wrinkles to appear
So no matter what season, the weather is good or bad
Whether you are indoors, wear sunscreen

💓 The third way: strengthen hydration
More than just the body needs water
Dehydrated skin can lead to yellowing, dullness
Seriously, it can also cause sagging, wrinkles, etc.
So you can always use a moisturizing spray
Spray anytime, anywhere to keep your skin hydrated

💓 The fourth way: Concealer method for nasolabial folds
If the wrinkles have deepened,
In addition to insisting on massage and maintenance
Cover up with concealer for a more youthful look
Apply concealer to the corners of the mouth
Shake 1.5cm towards the sideburns
But don't overextend
Gently pat on the fine lines around the mouth

💓 The fifth way: KINGDO multi-function adsorption beauty instrument, one machine in hand, all wrinkles are removed. KINGDO multi-functional adsorption beauty instrument, which integrates EMS micro-current, import and export, ultrasonic cleansing massage and other functions, cleans and detoxifies, revitalizes collagen, rejuvenates and brightens skin, eye care, firming and lifting, wrinkle removal and other beauty care Skin care needs can help you in one step, help you create a 360-degree all-round radiant watery skin!

Although the "nasolabial pattern" is still quite difficult to manage
But we can't put on a "poker face" every day because of this
Laugh or not, you will grow old sooner or later
I still encourage everyone to smile every day
After all, being happy is more important than anything else
But remember to do more facials

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