Skincare Knowledge Popularization, Avoid "Mistakes" Face Washing!

Skincare Knowledge Popularization, Avoid "Mistakes" Face Washing!

Avoid the minefield of wrong skincare and be a delicate girl with a beautiful face. The first step in skincare is to wash your face correctly.

❌ Wash your face with too hot/ too cold water

❌ Exfoliate frequently

❌ Wash your face in the morning with water only

 Wait until the water on the face is completely dry before skincare

Wash your face vigorously without paying attention to the technique

Don’t pay attention to cleaning the hairline

❌ Don’t wash your hands before washing your face

✅ If the water temperature is too high, the oil on the skin will be washed away, and the skin will be more likely to dry; the water that is too cold will irritate the skin and damage the capillaries.

✅ Reasonable exfoliation will make the skin smooth, but too frequent will damage the skin barrier.

✅ The skin normally secretes oil at night, and the dust and dirt in the air will also remain on the skin, so wash your face in the morning with a gentle cleanser.

✅ If the skin moisture is completely dry before skincare, the active ingredients of skin care products are difficult to be absorbed by the skin, and the skin will become too oily or dry. Skincare should be applied directly when the skin is hydrated.

✅ When washing your face, pay attention to the light around the eyes, and draw circles along the muscles, otherwise, it will cause wrinkles to sag.

✅ If you do not pay attention to cleaning the hairline, chemicals will remain on the skin, causing clogged pores, acne, and even allergies.

✅ If you don't wash your hands before washing your face, it is easy to get the bacteria and dirt on your hands on your face.


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