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What is an Adsorption Facial Cleansing Brush?

KINGDO is a cutting-edge brand under Newdermo technology, focusing on the field of cleansing instruments, combining fashion and health, gentleness and efficiency, creating a new way of high-quality healthy cleansing, and is committed to achieving synchronization of cleansing and care in a friendly, gentle and harmless way It can protect the delicate skin of Asian women, and be the cleaning and care expert who understands Asian women best. Our philosophy is to make our skin younger and healthier in the friendliest, gentlest way possible!

After 15 years of meticulous research by hundreds of professional and authoritative scientific researchers, 12,800 lean experiments, 5,300 personal experiences, and 7 product updates and iterations, this comprehensive upgrade and breakthrough adsorption cleansing device for Asian women's skin was finally launched. It is known as "the most friendly and healthy way to cleanse".

What is an adsorption cleansing brush?

The dirt inside the skin is sucked out by an adsorbed cleansing brush rather than a brush out. The brush head is made of self-developed nano-porous fiber material with strong adsorption, which is safe and non-irritating and can gently absorb the dirt in the pores and the residual dirt in the residual follicle funnel without going deep into the pores, so as to achieve deep cleansing and removal. Aging keratinocytes, removing blackheads, mites, and oil residues, to achieve the effect of skincare.

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