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KINGDO Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy Mask, Red Light Therapy Boosting Collagen Home Mask

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📌Certifications(3): ISO9001, BSCI, ISO9001   

📌Product Certifications(2): CE, CE

✅Pro 1.0: Red Light, Blue Light, Yellow Light, Mixed Light

     Pro 2.0: Red Light, Blue Light, Infrared Light, Mixed Light
❤ Red Light (620nm) - Smooths wrinkles, anti-aging, increases blood flow, collagen production
💙 Blue Light (460nm) - Clinically used to treat acne, commonly known as acne. To a certain extent, it can kill Propionibacterium acnes, promote the regeneration of skin collagen fibers, promote cell growth, and repair the skin.
💛Yellow Light (590nm) - Yellow light can mainly change the mitochondrial structure of skin cells, and play a role in whitening and oil control to a certain extent.
Infrared Light - (750nm-1000nm): Colorless, invisible to the naked eye. But it can be used to reduce skin inflammation and redness. It also speeds up wound healing and reduces hyperpigmentation.
🌈 Mixed Light - (Combines 3 Lights): Boosts skin vitality and promotes collagen formation for younger, more radiant skin.
✅Multifunctional Light therapy Mask: The Light Therapy Mask is Made of 100 Medical Led Beads, which Brings The Most Efficient, stable, long-lasting, and desired result for your skin. Different Colors of Light Can Treat Different Skin Problems. Safe, Not Stimulating! You Can Enjoy The Professional Salon Skin Care At Home By Yourself.
✅High Quality & Humanized Design: Made with High-Grade Food Silicone, Easy to Fit with the Face. Extremely Durable and Safety. Wireless Design, Easy to use, The Weight Only 150g, You Can Move Around When You Using It.
✅Create Perfect & Youthful Skin: The Light Therapy Mask Can Fully Cover Your Face, Moisturize and Tighten Skin, Reduce Fine Lines, Lighten Spots, Leaving Your Skin Soft And Smooth. Activate Your Skin, Better Absorb Essences, Cream.
✅With a Free 60 Days Money Back Service and a 1-Year Warranty, You Can Return The Facial Skin Care Mask If You Are Not Satisfied With The Results. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us in Case of any Questions. Thank You.