Back Acne: How to Get Rid of It?

Back Acne: How to Get Rid of It?

1.The back is the reflection area of ​​the lungs, that is to say, the acne on the back is closely related to the lungs. For example, when the lungs are hot or the meridian is not smooth, it is easy to cause the problem of acne on the back. Therefore, the lungs should be regulated at ordinary times, and it is recommended to eat more pears or lilies.



2.If you sweat too much, your clothes will stick to your back and breed bacteria. Failure to change and wash frequently leads to acne on the back. Therefore, it is necessary to wash and change frequently and keep it clean and tidy.



3.Our skin is exposed to a lot of dust every day. If the bed sheet is left for a long time, it will accumulate dust, and when we rest in bed, the dust will be brought to the skin, causing bacterial infection and forming acne. Therefore, the bedding needs to be changed and washed frequently, and it is advisable to change and wash once a month.



4.If you don't dry the moisture on your body after taking a shower, it is easy to breed bacteria after being absorbed by the clothes, which can cause the growth of acne. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe off the moisture with a towel after the shower.



5.The shower gel is not cleaned, and remains on the body, causing the growth of acne. In fact, like autumn and winter, the weather is relatively dry. You can apply some moisturizer after bathing, but it is not recommended to apply it on the back with acne.



6.The body's humidity is heavy. When the weather is hot, the skin will secrete a lot of sweat to take away the heat in the body, but if we don’t clean up these sweat traces in time, there must be a problem, which will cause the capillary of our skin. The blood vessels are blocked by the components of sweat. As a result, the heat in our body will not be able to be discharged, that is, damp toxins, and if the weather cools down, it is easy to develop acne.



7.Mite factor. Too many mites around us can also cause acne on the back, and these mites are generally in the pores of our body surface, so that our skin can not secrete fat, and it will be prone to bacterial growth in the long run. , In this way, acne naturally formed.


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