How to Fight Against Spots and Acne Marks?

How to Fight Against Spots and Acne Marks?

Everyone expressed distress about the blemishes on their faces, but more often they were helpless. Since we have to solve them, we must first understand them, so let's talk about how to make them disappear from the face. There are three common stains, namely sunburn, freckles and melasma.



1.How to eliminate sunburn?

The most effective way to prevent sunburn is to prevent sunburn from being "awakened" by sunlight. While insisting on using the whitening essence every day, be sure to do a good job of sun protection. In the choice of whitening essence, you can try products containing vitamin C, tranexamic acid, niacinamide and other ingredients.



2.How to get rid of natural freckles?

To be honest, even if you whiten it every day, it is difficult to eradicate freckles with skin care products alone. Because genetic factors are too decisive, the most effective way to eliminate freckles at this stage is laser, picosecond laser and other medical cosmetic methods. Of course, after using these methods to treat freckles, you still need to use sunscreen and whitening products every day to prevent the effect from rebounding too quickly.



3.Eliminate stubborn chloasma

For melasma, the use of whitening essence is effective, such as products containing vitamin C, kojic acid, resorcinol and other ingredients. Of course, you can also try beauty items such as picosecond laser. As for the whitening pill, the effect is also there, but if there is a problem with the body's metabolic function or liver and kidney function, it is best to ask the doctor if it can be taken.



4.How to prevent spots from occurring?

If you don’t use sunscreen, don’t take care of skin care or freckles. In addition to preventing the appearance of skin aging and spots, sunscreen also has a great effect, which is to ensure that the effect of the whitening essence and other products applied on the face will not be damaged by the sun. It’s not so hot in winter, and you still have to remember to apply sunscreen before going out every day.


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