3 Ways: How to Deal with Skin Anxiety?

3 Ways: How to Deal with Skin Anxiety?

1.The skin is becoming more and more unstable, and it is easy to be allergic to close up, and allergic to inadvertent change of seasons;
2.he frequency of appearance of fine lines and expression lines is getting higher and higher;
3.Can't stay up all night,or the skin condition drops sharply when staying up all night. On the second day of staying up late, any large pores, acne, dullness, and tear grooves all appear;
4.There are signs of sagging skin on the face, and the nasolabial lines are more and more obvious;
5.Neck lines appear inadvertently, and more and more; the skin on the neck seems to have signs of relaxation;
6.There are spots , although they are not very obvious;
7.The oily skin also feels more and more dehydrated. Except that the oil is not so oily in summer, the skin seems to become dry. People who are not prone to edema usually also start to swell;
8.It takes longer to repair sunburns after tanning, and it is difficult to get them back in a short time.
9.The condition of hair loss is getting more and more serious;
It won't be able to freeze anymore. Now those areas where your ankles were exposed, you need to use stockings to keep you warm.

How many of the above conditions have you got? In fact, the most obvious ones are on the skin. The skin suddenly becomes unstable, and the nasolabial lines and forehead lines appear faintly. It has scared us enough; not to mention the physical changes.  But is it scary? Let's take a look next.



How to solve the problem of skin aging?

① Skin barrier repair

I believe that the "skin barrier" does not need to be excessively explained and reminded to everyone. Most people have already begun to do the homework and work of repairing the skin. In terms of daily life, every day we make-up-remove-cleansing will damage the stratum corneum. Not to mention that with age and changes in the environment, the skin barrier environment will change, which will also make the barrier fragile or even broken. The broken barrier is like an incapable net, causing the loss and lack of collagen and elastin in the skin, causing the aging of the subcutaneous fat layer. This is why barrier repair must take the first place in daily life. By the age of 25 and 30, I often prepare products with "repair" effects, which are indispensable as skin repair agents. Daily maintenance does not have the blessing of repair, and maintenance on the damaged skin of the skin barrier becomes less effective. 

② Resist the damage of ultraviolet rays

How to resist ultraviolet rays has become a hot topic in the skin care industry. Almost every year, month, week, and Sunday, there will be different people doing similar science popularization. The purpose is one: let you sunscreen!
When the skin is exposed to the scorching sun for a long time, the nucleus and cell membrane of the skin will be damaged and destroyed to varying degrees. Therefore, it will cause the production of epidermal melanin-hoarding, and will also inactivate collagen and elastin until it disappears. As a result, the skin becomes dull and lacks luster, and wrinkles gradually increase. In severe cases, it can also cause skin cancer.
Therefore, "sun protection" is a way to protect the skin from UV rays. Viewing sunscreen in a correct way and insisting on using sunscreen products is a very critical step in "anti-aging".


 ③ Resist the damage of oxidation reaction to the skin

The oxidation reaction is caused by a variety of factors, such as the aforementioned ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution, and excessive daily stress. Of course, lifestyle habits are also very important! Staying up late, alcohol and smoking can cause severe skin oxidation. Nowadays, life is under pressure, and many people like to use desserts to resist stress, which is also a factor of oxidation/saccharification.

The seriousness of oxidation is that it not only causes damage to epidermal cells, but also attacks cells in the dermis. Once this kind of damage is caused, it is not that one can or two cans of repair products can solve the problem.


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