6 Ways: Say Goodbye to Oily Skin

6 Ways: Say Goodbye to Oily Skin

Guide:The skin is always oily and shiny every minute. This is absolutely intolerable for women who love beauty. Especially for the skin with makeup, the phenomenon of oily makeup and floating powder becomes more serious, which greatly affects the image. So, how to care and improve the oily skin? Here are 6 ways to say goodbye to oily skin easily!


Replenish water, control oil, shrink pores

I believe that aloe vera gel is a must-have for little fairies in summer. If you want to control oil, you must first shrink the pores to make your skin delicate and smooth. Aloe vera gel is a good pore shrinking skin care product. It is simple to operate and saves time and effort. It is simply the first choice. I suggest that you use a wet compress with lotion for the best effect, because the added moisture can make your stratum corneum full of moisture, fuller, and it looks like your pores have become smaller.
When choosing skin care products, girls who love oil must choose refreshing and oil-controlling products. Oily skin has a greater demand for hydrating and moisturizing. You can choose refreshing water emulsions. Anti-inflammatory or oil-control water emulsions are better. Toners can penetrate The inside of the skin makes the skin look fuller, and then apply a layer of lotion cream in time to lock in the water and prevent the loss of water. Only in a moisturizing environment can the sebum film protect the skin from external damage.

Towel ice

This is also a very common skin care method. Put a clean towel in the refrigerator for a while, and then use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. After washing your face every day, apply an iced towel to your face for 10 seconds, so that it can be effective. Prevents enlarged pores.



Be good at sun protection

This is also a very important step in oil control. You should choose sunscreen products with different sun protection factors according to your own situation. Girls who have more outdoor activities should choose sunscreen products with high sun protection factors, and they must be applied frequently, at least once every three or four hours, because Failure to pay attention to sun protection for a long time will result in excessive secretion of skin oil. Ultraviolet rays can also cause great damage to the skin. Be careful not to stop using sunscreen products in autumn and winter. Ultraviolet rays can damage the skin regardless of season.



Choose the right skin care products correctly

There are many oil control products on the market, but they only have short-term oil control effects, such as soap-based cleansers with strong cleansing power, and toners with high concentrations of alcohol. In fact, long-term use of these products will damage the skin barrier, causing excessive dryness of the skin, and excessive dryness of the skin will lead to an increase in sebum secretion to achieve the purpose of restoring the barrier function, which can be said to be a vicious circle.


Regularly exfoliating and blackheads

Regular exfoliation to blackheads is not to be ignored for girls with oily skin, because the accumulation of stratum corneum can easily cause enlarged pores and even inflammation. Therefore, you should use mild exfoliating products every 3 days or a week. It removes dead skin and aging cutin from the skin, so that there is no dirt accumulation in the pores, and it can also avoid clogging the pores, which is conducive to the subsequent shrinkage of the pores. This can effectively prevent small oily skins.

 Eat less sweets and greasy foods

High oil and high sugar are the key factors that cause acne, so girls should control their mouths and cultivate healthy eating habits to help reduce the secretion of oil and improve acne! You can usually eat more animal organs and soy milk, etc., because vitamin A, vitamin B and zinc can reduce the skin's oil secretion.

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