How to Improve the Dullness of the Skin?

How to Improve the Dullness of the Skin?

1.Remember to sunscreen

If you go out without sunscreen, you will become a black girl! So be sure to remember to sunscreen! Apply sunscreen with SPF no less than 30 evenly all over your body.

2.Try not to make up

Cosmetics contain a variety of heavy metals, which can cause great damage to the skin. Many people with many years of makeup experience will have a dull and rough complexion and no luster at all once they remove their makeup. So try not to use makeup as much as possible, and light makeup when it is unavoidable. If makeup is unavoidable, remove makeup thoroughly. And drink plenty of water, water can speed up metabolism and help excrete harmful substances in the body.

3.Apply barrier cream

Even if you don't go out, apply a barrier cream. Wash your face before applying it, and then apply a layer of makeup water to effectively lock the water.

4.Facial mask

A moisturizing mask is more important than a whitening mask. Only when the pores are effectively moisturized and hydrated can the whitening nutrition be deeply absorbed, especially for people with dry skin.

5.Eatingmore tomatoes is a good choice

Long-term consumption can supplement enough vitamin C, whiten the skin from the inside out, and also anti-aging.

6.Whitening products

They must only be used at night, especially serum products. Because whitening products usually have photosensitive ingredients, when exposed to sunlight during the day, stains will occur, then it will not be whitening, you should start to pay attention to freckle removal. So be careful.

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