5 Tips: How to Say Goodbye to Pimples

5 Tips: How to Say Goodbye to Pimples

1.Pay attention to diet

I know that if you are a type that is more prone to acne, you should eat less spicy and irritating foods that are "fat", such as seafood, beef, hot pot, spicy strips, etc. During the period of acne, pay more attention to the diet and eat lightly.  



2.Go to bed before 11 o'clock

The liver detoxification time is between 11 pm and 2 am, which is also the time period when the body's cells are most active, which can eliminate toxins in the body during sleep. People who go to bed early have much better skin and spirit than those who go to bed late. Many pimples grow up during staying up late, and acne for endocrine disorders in the body will naturally appear.



3.Clean the pores

Another reason for acne is that the pores in the skin are blocked. If you don't clean it in time, the pores will be enlarged. Daily cleansing and skin care are essential. Acne will not grow so easily when the skin is clean. You can usually use a cleansing mask to clean your skin.



4.Unblock the intestines

Constipation is also a cause of acne. If the toxins in the body cannot be eliminated, the acne will start to spring up like bamboo shoots after a rain. You can drink a glass of honey water every morning to promote gastrointestinal movement, eat more fiber-rich foods, and eat more whole grains. They can help your intestinal peristalsis very well.



5.Exfoliate regularly


Develop an exfoliation plan for yourself. Determine the number of exfoliation according to your skin. It is best to go once a month for people with thin skin, once every two weeks for people with too dry skin, and once a week for normal or oily skin. 




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