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KINGDO Hot and Cold Double Heads massager, facial skincare beauty device for eliminating edema/removing dark circles/tightening pores

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$ 162.00 USD
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$ 162.00 USD

💖【One machine with multiple effects】Healthy cleansing, adsorbing dirt, eliminating edema, removing dark circles, tightening pores, calming after sun, and locking moisture
💖【A constant temperature hot compress at 42°C to promote muscle circulation】 Improve skin fatigue and enhance nutrient absorption; dilute dark circles and relieve dryness and fatigue.
💖【Extremely fast ice application at 20°C to eliminate edema】Eliminate facial edema, tighten fine pores, reduce eye swelling, and improve eye bag swelling.
💖【Professional team technical support:】The smart body is safe and energy-saving/lasting battery life, type-c universal charging.
💖【After-Sales Service】KINGDO has a dedicated team that can quickly assist you, from the date of purchasing, you can enjoy a one-year free warranty for this face massager, and we promise 30 DAYS FULL REFUND GUARANTEE, if it has a quality issue or you have any questions, please contact us!