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Small Bubble Blackhead Remover Pore Cleaner Comedone Pimple Zit Extractor Facial Deep Cleaning Beauty Device

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$ 76.00 USD
✅ Compared with the traditional blackhead beauty device, the blackhead suction nozzle is made of skin-friendly silicone and hard materials, which is more caring for your experience.
✅The water and oxygen cycle absorbs blackheads and cleans pores, injects oxygen and replenishes water, and shrinks pores.
✅ Six major functions: ① Absorb blackheads and purify pores ② Grind dead skin and exfoliate ③ Improve sebum ④ Gently comfortable ⑤ Control oil and clear acne, promote metabolism ⑥ Shrink pores
✅ The button can directly adjust the suction power of 45kpa-65kpa, from light to strong, and multiple gears can be changed, suitable for different skin types
✅ Suck out the skin waste, the instrument has a water purification tank and a sewage tank respectively, so that the skin will not be re-infected.