4 Tips - How to Clean Large and Stubborn Pores?

4 Tips - How to Clean Large and Stubborn Pores?

1.Clean the pores

There are many reasons for large pores, but in most cases it is caused by the accumulation of grease and garbage in our pores. These oils and rubbish make the pores thick and large, so in order to reduce the size of the pores, cleanliness is the key. We must choose mild products to clean the skin, and apply a cleansing mask to unclog the pores.



2.Moisturizing mask

Apply a moisturizing mask regularly, 2-3 times a week. Under normal circumstances, our skin is in a state of dehydration, especially in winter. If the skin becomes dehydrated, it will lead to a decrease in skin activity. The elasticity of our skin pores will decrease, causing our skin to appear loose and enlarging pores. Therefore, in winter, we can regularly apply some moisturizing facial masks, which can improve the hydration of our skin, allow the skin to maintain normal metabolism and waste discharge, and make our skin healthier and more moisturized.



3.Exfoliate regularly

Our skin metabolism is very fast, and dandruff will fall off at all times. If it cannot be cleaned up in time, it will make our stratum corneum thicker, make our skin unable to breathe normally, reduce the activity of skin cells, and cause metabolic disorders. In the long run, our skin will have various problems, especially making our skin look dull, so we must pay attention to regular exfoliation.



4.Do a good job of sun protection

Radiation ultraviolet rays and electronic product radiation will directly penetrate the deep layers of our skin and directly harm our skin. While reducing the elasticity of the skin, it will also cause the free radicals in our skin to precipitate and form spots, etc., which makes us look very haggard. Therefore, we must always do a good job of sunscreen and sun protection to reduce the exposure of light and ultraviolet rays.