How to Fight Glycation and Benefits?

How to Fight Glycation and Benefits?

Why do many people stay up all night and their skin is still so moisturized, but your skin is always dull every day when you go to bed and get up early, and your face seems to get older faster than your peers. What is going on? Nowadays, many people will let antioxidants delay skin aging, which can make people often ignore the behavior of anti-glycation, so today I will tell you why anti-glycation is so important!


Why should we need anti-glycation?

Anti-sugar is a popular saying in recent years. Many people think that the reason why our skin is aging is due to ultraviolet rays and blue light (computer radiation). In recent years, scientists have certified that glycation is an important factor in skin aging. Accumulation will make the skin aging and dark yellow, and it is irreversible. Therefore, it is an important step in anti-aging.


What are the benefits of anti-glycation? A proper amount of sugar intake can maintain the normal operation of the body. However, once the sugar intake is excessive, these excess sugars are freed in the body and frantically combined with the protein and fat in the body. Finally, it accelerates the deterioration of collagen and elastin.


How to resist sugar?

Anti-glycation is mainly to keep your mouth shut. Don't eat high-sugar foods such as milk tea and doughnuts. This kind of sweets is harmless to our body and skin and is simply a natural enemy of beauty.


Develop correct eating habits, control carbohydrates within a reasonable range, and reduce the amount of sugar that may be ingested. For example, eat three pieces of cake in the previous week, and slowly reduce it to once a week; avoid frying, roasting and frying Food, daily cooking methods are mostly low-temperature processing, and seasonings should be reduced; strengthen exercise, because exercise can metabolize some excess sugar, and exercise can reduce fat and increase muscle content. Creatine and carnosine in muscles are Anti-glycation effects.



What are the benefits of anti-glycation?

Glycation is not only present on our skin, but also in our cells and some organs of the body. Because the body has protein, as long as there is too much sugar, the reaction will go on all the time.



The glycation reaction in the internal organs and cells that we can't see it happening all the time, which promotes our aging. The implementation of anti-glycation can not only delay the aging of our skin but also benefit our body tissues and organs.