red light therapy mask

How to use LED mask at-home ?

No one doesn't want to see people with tender skin every day, after all, there will always be a pleasant feeling when watching~

No woman is born with "acne skin, large pores, and old ugly woman", but if you don't take good care of it, all skin problems will find you sooner or later, and if you don't take good care of it, you won't find a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Especially when a woman reaches the age of 28-30, her skin begins to decline, various skin problems emerge in an endless stream, and her complexion and temperament are greatly reduced! I can't go out without makeup...

Once the collagen on the face begins to lose, the skin will appear loose, and small fine lines will slowly run out. Relying on skincare products alone is no longer enough... If you want to maintain your youth, you can only rely on medical beauty and equipment to maintain it.

As a skincare lover, I have used a lot of beauty masks before and after, and finally met a cost-effective LED light therapy beauty mask.

There are three-color light therapy masks, three-color masks have a red light, blue light, and yellow light.Contains multiple benefits to boost collagen regeneration, balance skin oil production, treat acne, improve redness and wrinkles, reduce dullness and uneven skin tone, and more.

With a stylish appearance and convenient operation, you can easily enjoy beauty and skincare SPA at home. After using it for some time, the skin is like a peeled egg.

This beauty mask penetrates multiple skin depths through LED spectral patterns for gentle, all-around care from multiple dimensions.

Red light wavelength (620-630nm): Effectively promote skin metabolism, improve skin wrinkles, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, delay aging, and promote collagen growth.

Blue light wavelength (460-470nm): It is the savior for people with acne, which can effectively remove the source of acne, reduce oil secretion, thereby shrink pores, and also have a good repair effect on the skin after sunburn.

Yellow light wavelength (580-590nm): It is also very practical for those who stay up late. Long-term use can significantly improve the problem of dull skin, lighten pigment, improve rough skin, and become translucent and shiny.

Red light + Blue light: Light can rejuvenate the skin

Red light can promote the regeneration of collagen, and blue light can inhibit the excessive secretion of oil. The combination of these two light sources can improve sagging skin, smooth fine lines, and improve oily and large pores!

In addition to the powerful light therapy technology, it is designed to be more delicate and considerate in all aspects. It has a sensitive one-button power-on button and a long press for 2-3 seconds to power on.

Although it uses wavelength control technology, it does not contain ultraviolet rays, so there is no need to worry about the situation that the skin will turn black after using it for a long time. 

You don't need to plug in when using, you can move at will, free your hands, you can look at your phone, you can also read books, cost-effective!

It can also be used with a mask. After cleansing the skin and applying the mask, put on a beauty mask to better absorb the essence of the mask.

It is foldable and can be worn when traveling or on business, without worrying about breaking it~

Insist on using it every night, it only takes 15 minutes each time to effectively promote the metabolism and regeneration of the skin, making the skin whiter and younger, and "younger" is no longer a dream~~