Skincare Routine First Spray Water or Apply Lotion

Skincare Routine First Spray Water or Apply Lotion

It is said that now is the age of looking at faces, and doing everything is based on the standard of face, then the girls will naturally do their best for their own face. If you want your face to maintain a good complexion, skin care is naturally essential. As the top priority of skin care, after washing your face, whether to wipe the lotion or pat the water first, let’s take a look.



When most people use water and milk, they take the water first, and then apply the lotion. But in fact, this method has been overturned by many beauty bloggers recently, because the absorption capacity of water face is not as good as lotion. So if you shoot the water first, the water will not be absorbed. And when the skin suddenly encounters cold water, it will cause the pores to shrink suddenly. In this case, the follow-up skin care products will not be absorbed, so we should apply lotion first to slowly open the pore channels. Then apply toner, so that the toner can penetrate better. Let your skin become more hydrated from the inside out.



The climate in spring is dry. Normally, you can only use the mask two or three times a week to achieve the effect of hydrating. Because the water texture is soft, it is easier for the skin to absorb, and the effect is faster than that of a moisturizing mask. The toner penetrates into the skin completely, which is convenient and quick.



It can brighten the skin tone, even the fat people,and can deeply moisturize. The skin can absorb it day and night, and brighten the skin tone. It quickly moisturizes and locks in water, brightens the complexion, combined with deep hydrating moisturizing lotion achieving a nourishing effect, It is easy to breathe and has a light texture, which can quickly add some nutrition to your skin.