The 4-Step to Multiply the Effect of Skincare

The 4-Step to Multiply the Effect of Skincare

With the advent of winter, the skin's metabolism and repair capabilities have also declined. Not only has the stratum corneum become rough, but skincare products are also becoming more and more difficult to absorb. Skincare products at a high price have no effect. Do you feel they wasted money?The effectiveness of skin care products depends not only on their efficacy but also on your skin absorption. Next, let's take a look at how to multiply your skincare effect~

STEP1: Clean the skin

Many people often blame skincare products for uselessness, but don't think about the dirt and oil accumulated on the face. They are the biggest obstacle to preventing skin care products from being absorbed. If the pores are not cleaned, it is not only unfavorable for absorption but even if absorbed, it will mix with dirt, which will block the pores. Therefore, it is particularly important to clean your skin daily. In this winter, choose a mild facial cleanser that will not only open your pores and take away dirt and oil but also protect your skin while cleaning.



STEP2: Soften the keratin

Winter not only makes our skin dull and dry, but keratin is also tight. At this time, the skin not only lost its delicate texture but also became extremely dry. Therefore, even if some people use super moisturizing, super nutritious moisturizing cream, it does not seem effective. This is due to the stiffness of keratin accumulation. Therefore, if the skin can absorb effective nutrients, it must first soften the skin keratin and perform better skincare.  



STEP3: Deep moisturizing

In the cold winter, the biggest problem is dryness and lack of water. Even though the thick stratum corneum affects the subsequent absorption of the skin, it is necessary to replenish moisture. If the moisture on the face is not enough, no skincare products can absorb it. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is essential to do a good job of deep hydration of the skin, which is also conducive to subsequent skincare ingredients adsorption. To allow the skin to absorb moisture better, try using a deep moisturizing mask or applying a moisturizing lotion, which is a good choice.



STEP4: Essential oil blessing


In winter, most people's skin is dehydrated, but if your skincare doesn't work, then maybe it needs more than moisture, but also oil. For dry skin, thick cream products not only can not nourish and relieve but will also increase the imbalance of water and oil, resulting in various skin problems such as acne caused by uncleared pores. And if you use skincare essential oils, because of their small molecules, they are prone to be accepted by the skin and can also improve skin problems such as dryness and fatigue in a short time. With KINGDO 8 in 1 Light Therapy Effect Facial Machine, it can also greatly accelerate subsequent skincare products. This red and blue beauty instrument has an import and export function. It can be used in the blue light export mode during daily cleansing to deeply clean the face, and then use the red light import mode with essential oils to promote the skin's absorption of nutrients and protect the skin barrier. Christmas is coming soon, KINGDO 8 in 1 Light Therapy Effect Facial Machine now is the most budget. Hurry up and buy it. This is a must-have gift for your family, friends, and lovers in the 2022 gift set.