These 3 Bad Skin Care Habits Will Enlarge Your Pores

These 3 Bad Skin Care Habits Will Enlarge Your Pores

We take skincare every day, but sometimes the condition of the skin does not get much better but gets worse and worse. The most obvious thing is that the pores are getting bigger and bigger. This situation may occur because you have done the following:

1.Just apply sunscreen once

If sun protection is not done well, our face will age faster, the antioxidant capacity of the face will be weakened, and the pores will naturally become bigger and bigger. Although you know that sun protection is important, do you only apply sun protection once a day? Some people at work may say that when I go to work, I see the sun, and I don’t go out of the office for a day, so I don’t need sunscreen. However, our sunscreen is time-effective. Sometimes we always go out and do something. At this time, we need to reapply sunscreen. All the sunscreens we bought have some indexes and just apply them.


2.Don't do a skincare routine while you have acne

Sometimes because of staying up late or having a heavy diet, it is easy to get acne. Sometimes we choose not to skincare in order to let the acne go away naturally. In fact, this is wrong. This method will make it more difficult to eliminate acne because if your face is dry, it will be more water-oil imbalance and aggravate acne. The most basic moisturizing work is still to be done.

3.Use a facial cleanser to remove makeup

We usually choose to wear light makeup when we go out. At night, we may have almost finished the makeup. Just thinking that it will be gone anyway, just wash it off with a facial cleanser. However, it is best not to think this way, it will not clean the face. The more dirty things on the face, the bigger the pores will be. Therefore, it is best to use special makeup remover products to remove makeup, and then use a facial cleanser to clean the skin.