What to know about Near-Infrared light therapy ?

What are the Benefits of Near-Infrared Light?

In 1983, Anderson and Parrish published the concept of selective photothermal action in the journal Science, which revolutionized dermatological laser treatment by using different physical properties of light such as appropriate light wavelength, specific chromophore absorption, and pulse width to treat various clinical dermatological conditions.

 The light therapy mask works similar to the photosynthesis of plants, which can activate skin cell vitality by emitting light from special LED bioactive light, penetrating deep into the skin, and renewing the basal layer of the skin, using a kind of continuous or pulsed light to change the cell structure, destroy harmful bacteria, and provide a suitable environment for new cells, to achieve anti-aging, skin whitening and rejuvenation and acne removal and other beauty effects.

1、What is near-infrared light therapy?

Near-Infrared (NIR) is an electromagnetic wave between visible light (VIS) and mid-infrared light (MIR), which is defined by ASTM as an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength in the range of 780~2526nm, and customarily divided into near-infrared short wave (780~1100nm) and near-infrared longwave (1100~2526nm) two regions. The near-infrared region is the first people found non-visible light region.

 2、But does near-infrared light therapy work?

① Near-infrared can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue of the human body and can promote blood circulation. It helps to help treat patients with high blood pressure and improves the symptoms of low blood pressure.

②Near-infrared can penetrate deep into the muscles and joints, which can put the muscles in a relaxed state and relieve the symptoms of muscle aches and pains.

Near-infrared rays can regulate the functions of the internal organs of the human body and can effectively relieve headaches and dizziness, insomnia and weakness, cold limbs, and other undesirable symptoms.

④ Near-infrared can also promote the body's metabolism, and effectively eliminate toxins in the body. Make the skin smooth and soft, in a healthy state.

 3、Precautions for using near-infrared light

① patients need to ask the doctor for detailed information before use, and their suitability for use. In the use process, pay attention to the protection of their eyes.

② patients in the process of using infrared therapy, once any discomfort immediately responds to the situation, stop treatment.