What Causes Nasolabial Folds? | Bad Habit

What Causes Nasolabial Folds? | Bad Habit

Women are middle-aged after 30 and are no longer young, although they don't want to admit the facts, especially when wrinkles and decree grow on the face. But some girls are young and start to have deep statute lines. Why is this? The long parts of the decree lines are very obvious on the face, and there are decree lines that look older than the actual age and look fierce. 

In fact, in addition to natural aging and congenital inheritance, there is more possibility that ordinary small habits have not noticed so the nasolabial pattern will be very obvious. Look at the following bad habits that lead to premature statute lines to see if you have any.


Exaggerated facial expressions

In fact, we young people advocate bravely expressing happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. They don’t like to behave like a mask, which is very boring. Some girls with bold personality laugh and laugh without being a lady. Although this kind of personality is particularly likable, there is one fact that exaggerated expressions that disregard the image are the easiest to produce nasolabial patterns.



Have the correct sleeping position when sleeping

In fact, many people like to sleep on the side, but sleeping on the side will deepen the nasolabial folds and it is not good for the heart to press on the heart. The most correct sleeping position is to sleep on your back without tipping either side without deepening the law lines.



Pay attention to how you eat

When eating, is there a long-term habit of using only one tooth to bite food? In fact, this way of eating is very bad, it affects our face shape and deepens the nasolabial lines. If you are just used to biting food, the muscles on the long-term use will be more developed, and the nasolabial lines on the other side will be deeper due to long-term "exercise".


So usually pay attention to correct bad habits, easy and beautiful to add points.