Clarisonic Mia2 VS KINGDO Mini

Everyone has different demands for facial cleansing brush. For Mia2 and KINGOD MINI, I want to compare them in terms of cleansing power, mildness, aesthetics, and convenience.


Cleaning power

Mia2 - 4 stars

Mia is developed by the development team of Philips Sonicare sonic toothbrush. The official statement is: clean. It oscillates back and forth at the speed of sound, moving up to 300 times per second, and the external and internal telescopic movements of the brush deeply and gently release grease and impurities. The cleansing effect is better than ordinary facial cleansers and makeup removers. “Clarisonic cleansing brush uses sonic technology and natural skin elasticity to work together to give a gentle daily 6 times.” The evaluation uses a matching whitening brush. The whitening effect is probably based on 0, but the cleaning is very good in actual use. The machine itself sets a one-minute face wash program, with a beep every 20 seconds, and the second-generation Mia has two cleaning speed options in terms of cleaning power, the first level is relatively speaking, it will be gentler and can also be used as a morning cleansing. Level 2 has a stronger cleaning power and is suitable for evening cleansing.


KINGDO Mini - 5 stars

Kingdo uses the newly developed absorption facial cleansing brush of their company, which focuses on double cleansing and double care.

Cleansing is only by "Brush", but also by "Suck out". It has the same sonic vibration function as Mia, and the frequency is as high as 25,000 times per minute; the bristles are made of new material bristles, with a total of 4 million adsorption factors. The adsorption method is used to remove dirt in the pores and makeup removal residues, which can achieve "brushing" at the same time And the "suck" function. Double care, using a brush with a larger diameter than the pore to prevent the brush from being directly inserted into the pore and destroying the protective barrier; Antibacterial silver ions are added to the brush to inhibit the growth of bacteria.



Mia2 - 4 stars

It has a super soft cashmere brush head! However, this brush head sacrifices part of its cleaning power while improving softness and skin-friendliness. However, the cashmere head is definitely appropriate for daily cleaning or morning cleaning. The bristles of ordinary brush heads, deep cleaning brush heads and acne removal brush heads are relatively hard, for girls with thinner skin but certain requirements for cleaning power are recommended to choose brush heads suitable for sensitive skin.


KINGDO Mini - 5 stars

Because it not only has sonic vibration cleansing but also has an adsorption factor on the brush, even if the brush is particularly soft, it can achieve a deep cleansing effect. It also provides 6 brush heads, tailored to different parts and skins, with a particularly user-friendly design.




Both the color and the design of the body are beautiful. The material used in the body is also waterproof, which can be used in the shower, and the feel is also very advanced.



Mia2 - 3 stars

Mia2 is not too big. Compared with KINGDO, it takes up a lot of space in the cosmetic bag, even if the brush head is not installed, it is very thick. The weight is also heavier than KINGDO. The charger is magnetically adsorbed and takes up space. It takes 12 hours to fully charge once and can last for 15 minutes.


KINGDO Mini - 4 stars

KINGDO Mini takes 3 hours to fully charge the KINGDO MINI and can last for 60 days.