8 effective ways to remove dark circles

8 effective ways to remove dark circles

Guide: What should I do if dark circles under my eyes disappear for a long time? Want to restore a pair of bright and clear eyes, how to say goodbye to these ugly panda eyes? Then follow the editor to learn the fastest and most effective way to remove dark circles!

| Method one to remove dark circles: Sanhua tea

Mix three kinds of jasmine, ginseng, and rose teas together, brew with hot water, two cups a day, this scented tea has the effects of regulating qi and relieving depression, resolving dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening the heart and invigorating the kidney, and can improve Dark circles caused by physical weakness.

| Method two to remove dark circles: Apple slices

Wash and slice the fresh apples. After cleansing your face, lie down, close your eyes, apply the cut apple slices to your eyes, change one for 5 minutes, and lie down for 20 minutes before removing and washing. Not only can eliminate dark circles, but also relieve eye fatigue.

| Method three to remove dark circles: Promote blood circulation

Massage the eyes to improve blood circulation in the eyes and eliminate dark circles. First use the middle finger and index finger to massage lightly from the lower eye bag towards the end of the eye in a spiral manner. Massage the upper eye area from the brow to the end of the eye in the same way. When you reach the end of the eye, lightly press the inner corner of the eye with your fingertips for about 3 seconds, for 5 minutes each time, every day.

| Method four to remove dark circles: Eye cream

Eye cream is essential to care for the eye skin. Take an appropriate amount of eye cream and apply it from the top of the eye, slowly sliding it towards the eye socket, and then gently press 10 times. Slowly move to the end of the eye and press about 10 times, and then press 5 times in circular motions at the Sizhu cavity, which can not only promote the absorption of the eye cream by the skin, but also improve blood circulation.

| Method 5 to remove dark circles: Hot compress

Clean your face, immerse the towel in warm water, wring out the water, and then apply it on the eyelids. After it is cold, dip it in warm water and wring dry and apply, repeat 2-3 times. It can improve blood circulation and dark circles.

| Method 6 to remove dark circles: Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea can relieve eye fatigue and improve dark circles caused by staying up late. Cool the freshly brewed chrysanthemum tea to warm, take out the chrysanthemum, immerse two pieces of cotton pads in the tea, and then apply to the eyes, close your eyes and wait for 20 minutes to wash.

| Seven ways to remove dark circles: Essential oils

Use 10CC of essential oil, moisten it with a cotton pad, and apply it to the eye area. It can effectively prevent and treat eye fatigue and dark circles. You can also use the formulated essential oils for eye massage, and the effect is also very good.

| Eight methods to remove dark circles: Iced spoon

Put the stainless steel spoon in the refrigerator for later use. When dark circles appear, take out the iced spoon and press around the eyes. The coldness of the spoon can stimulate the acceleration of blood circulation in the eyes, thereby improving dark circles.

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