How to take care of skin in summer? Skin care coups for office workers

How to take care of skin in summer? Skin care coups for office workers

The computers and air conditioners that many office workers always face every day are very harmful to the skin, so how can skin care not be afraid of the radiation of air conditioners and computers? I will share with you the skin care tips that office workers need to know.

Be gentle when cleaning

When cleaning the skin every day, avoid excessive pulling on the skin. It is recommended to use the middle finger and ring finger , which will not cause the skin to load.

Must-have base cream

Before facing the computer, be sure to apply a base cream. But before applying the base cream, do not forget to spray some moisturizing spray. Spray directly on the skin and just tap it lightly. A good moisturizing spray can also set makeup if you have already wore a makeup , and it will do two things with one stone.



Apply a few more layers of the day essence, but the texture should be light and thin

Many office ladies are used to putting a pot of green plants in front of their desks, mainly to increase the oxygen content around the seats. If you haven't had time to prepare it, you have to work hard on your own defenses. Choose some anti-oxidant essence with a light texture . The essence can be applied in 2~3 times to allow the skin to absorb energy a little bit to better resist "external aggression."



Clean your skin during the day

During lunch break or afternoon tea time, the skin can be cleaned once, and the dirt on the skin can be cleaned in time to avoid long-term penetration into the pores and damage to the skin.


Often dust the computer screen

The radiation of the computer screen is prone to generate static electricity and attract dust, and the tiny particles attached to the screen will increase the amount of radiation. It is necessary to often use a cleaning fluid specifically for cleaning the LCD screen to remove the dust.


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