Why Might Your Cleanser Ingredients Be Causing Your Breakouts?

Why Might Your Cleanser Ingredients Be Causing Your Breakouts?

Occasionally, I hear many girls complain that the acne on the face is usually repeated and grows continuously. It looks bad. Have you ever thought that the real reason might be your facial cleanser?


There are various ingredients in facial cleansers and skincare products. Some of these products contain some ingredients that may cause acne. Long-term use of products with these ingredients is likely to disturb the metabolism of hair follicles, causing clogged pores and skin problems, such as acne and pimples.


Common acne-causing ingredients include the following: laureth, oleth, myristic acid, laurate, palmitic acid, caprylic acid, octyl stearate, coconut oil, wheat germ glyceride, stearic acid Glycerides, cocoa butter, sulfated castor oil, citric acid, cinnamic acid, etc.
Girls who usually have acne should check if their facial cleanser contains these ingredients. Of course, the existence of these acne-causing ingredients is not necessarily the exact cause of acne. These acne-causing ingredients may act as emulsifiers, softeners, or cleansers. The dosage used sometimes also does not necessarily affect the skin, but for sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, such as oily skin,acne-causing ingredients should be avoided as much as possible. It is just to provide you with a reference for the listed acne-causing ingredients.


There may be many reasons for acne. In addition to the skincare and cleansing products, personal daily habits have a lot to do, such as diet and work rest. If you usually have barbecues, snacks, and stay up late every day, it is useless even if your skincare routine is done well!

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