What Happens If You Don't Wash Your Face?

What Happens If You Don't Wash Your Face?

In recent years, have you heard that not washing your face will make your skin better; the oil secreted on your face is the best skin care product, and so on?


Not only many friends around, but also many celebrities and internet celebrities have advertised that the real secret to good skin is not to wash your face! Thus, more and more people try to not wash their face, but why do some people say that their skin has improved, while some people still roll over? It is too absolute to say that you don’t wash your face for better skincare. The key to whether your skin will improve or not depends on whether your skincare method is correct. When you get out of the tedious skincare process and stop cleansing and skin care, your skin condition will gradually return to its original state. If your skin gets better after some time, it means that your previous skincare method is not completely suitable for you now. Different skin types and skin conditions, especially for sensitive skin, previous skin allergies may be due to damage to the skin barrier caused by excessive cleaning. When you stop washing your face and skincare work, the skin barrier will begin to slowly repair itself, natural skin Better than before.

The part of people whose skin condition is worsening is often the skin with strong sebum secretion such as oily acne skin. After stopping cleansing, the skin continues to secrete oil, but it is not cleaned in time, and it is often easy to block pores and start to appear. Breakouts and blackheads increase, which means that proper skin cleansing is necessary for you, and there is nothing wrong with the previous skincare methods.

So it's not that not washing your face makes your skin look better, but that the original skincare method is incorrect. For some sensitive skin, not washing your face for some time can indeed allow the skin to rest to a certain extent and repair itself, but if you do not wash your face for a long time, dry skin may also cause skin problems, such as dry skin and so on. If you have makeup habits and spend the whole day outdoors, don’t be extravagant, wash your face obediently, and take good care of your skin!



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