What is 9 Step Skincare Order?

What is 9 Step Skincare Order?

Principle: use from thin to thick according to the texture of skin care products

Order: makeup remover; facial cleaning; toner; essence; eye cream; emulsion; face cream; sun cream; sun screen

① Makeup remover

Excessive cosmetics and grease residue on the skin will not only block the pores, but also cause dull skin tone and affect the health of the skin. Do a good job of removing makeup before taking a break at night to take care of your facial skin.



Facial cleaning

Facial cleanser is used to remove dirt on the surface of the facial skin, keep the skin refreshed and comfortable, and help maintain the normal physiological functions of the skin. It is usually used as the first step in the skincare process.



③ Toner

Toner's role is to clean again to restore the pH of the skin surface, and to condition the stratum corneum, so that the skin can be better absorbed, and to prepare for the use of skincare products. Warming tips: pour an appropriate amount of toner into a cotton pad and wipe gently on your face to absorb; or pour it into the palm and gently pat your face to absorb.




④ Essence

Essences are generally used after cleansing or after lotion. Different essences need to pay attention to the method. Some essences are only suitable for use at night. The essences should be replaced in time according to the changes of the seasons to make the essences fully effective. To avoid waste, people of all ages should choose the right essence.



⑤ Eye cream

Eye cream is the top priority of skincare products and plays an essential role. Apply a pea-sized eye cream around the eyes and massage in circular motions until absorbed, in order to fade fine lines and dark circles under the eyes and tighten the skin around the eyes.



⑥ Emulsion

Pour an appropriate amount of lotion into the palm of your hand. Start applying it on the dry cheeks or around the eyes, and gently spread along the muscles. For dry skin, you can apply more, and “t”-shaped area should be applied less. If you apply too much or oily skin, you can press it gently with facial tissue to absorb excess oil.


⑦ Face cream

Choose a cream that suits you with an appropriate water-to-oil ratio and apply it on your face, and then gently massage until the cream is completely absorbed. This will not only allow the cream to penetrate into the skin better, play a good role, but also promote facial blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and make the skin less prone to aging.



⑧ Sun cream

Sunscreen refers to cosmetics that have the function of shielding or absorbing ultraviolet rays, reducing skin damage caused by sun exposure, melanin deposition and skin aging.



⑨ Sun screen

The barrier cream can better help the skin block makeup and dirty air, have a good protective effect on the skin, and can also make the makeup more docile.


To be brief, proper skincare steps and techniques can keep your skin in good condition.



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