How to Get Rid of Large Pores in 4 Steps?

How to Get Rid of Large Pores in 4 Steps?

Women’s skin has many problems, one of which is large pores, which can greatly affect beauty and skin health. So, how to solve the problem of enlarged pores?

Daily skincare products

Just like you brush your teeth and wash your face every day, facial maintenance is a meaningful life event that you must take seriously every day. Maintenance starts with washing your face. If you wear makeup, you must remove it from cosmetic oil, because the residue of cosmetics will clog your pores. Dead skin is also the cause of clogged pores, so it is necessary to use exfoliating. The next step is to apply a mask because it is not easy to be absorbed, so it is best to apply a mask after a hot bath or hot compress for ten minutes to be more absorbed. Then assist with some moisturizing and hydrating skincare products. Skincare products cannot be changed all the time. Frequent replacement will make the skin sensitive and easily damaged. Skincare after cleansing with KINGDO Hot and Cold Double Heads massager can promote the absorption of skincare products, shrink pores, and tighten the skin. First, use a hot compress with a constant temperature of 42 degrees to open the pores and relieve skin fatigue. Matched with essence, it can promote absorption. After that, apply a cold compress with a constant temperature of 20 degrees to shrink the pores. Use an eye cream to improve eye bags. Stick to 5 minutes a day to restore firm and delicate skin. Christmas is coming soon, KINGDO Hot and Cold Double Heads massager is undoubtedly one of the perfect Christmas gifts.


Daily exercise

Exercise is not only an attitude of life and health care but also a secret recipe for beauty. Exercise helps to wick away sweat, detoxify, enhance cell function, and enhance metabolism. Swimming, yoga, and aerobics are all very wonderful sports. Of course, the most important thing is to persist.

Daily diets

In addition to drinking more water to supplement the loss of body and skin moisture, a reasonable diet should also be kept to improve physical fitness to ensure the supplement of protein and vitamins. Do not eat too much salty food, because eating too much salty food will slow down your metabolism. Fruits and fresh vegetables are essential.

Daily habits

Some bad lifestyle habits, such as staying up late to surf the Internet, will deteriorate the skin. The best sleep time per day is seven and a half hours, and the best sleep time is 22:00-2:00 because this is the time when the skin metabolism is most vigorous.

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