Avoid 6 Winter Skincare Misunderstandings

Avoid 6 Winter Skincare Misunderstandings

Little sisters must remember not to exfoliate frequently. The skin already has the metabolic capacity, but it is only due to skin aging, ultraviolet light exposure, or other pollution sources that it can block or suppress this metabolic capacity. In addition, the speed of skin metabolism in different parts of the skin is often different. You must check the exfoliating products on the market before you use them. It is best to use it once a month, otherwise, it feels good when you peel it, and when you go to repair the skin, you will know that the gain is not worth the loss. If you are in the stage of acne or allergies, you should not exfoliate.


In addition, there is no need to do deep cleaning regularly. Cleaning is the most important step in every season. However, when the climate is dry in winter, it is best to choose cleansing products that are mild in nature and moisturizing ingredients. Generally speaking, cleansing milk and cleansing milk are enough in winter. Minimize the use of cleansing gels with strong degreasing ingredients. Of course, it is not recommended to use excessively alkaline soaps for washing hands and face. After washing your face, dry it with a soft towel. There is no need to wash it a second time. If you are not at ease,  it is necessary that develop regular cleaning of the bed cover to prevent mites. Try to comb your hair before going to bed. Combing your hair can remove the floating dirt from your hair and avoid sticking to the pillow and contacting your skin.

The third misunderstanding is that you don’t have to deliberately choose the type of skin care product according to your age. Most products will focus on a certain area to launch a set of products. If you do well in moisturizing, you don’t need to care about the moisturizing effect of the product. You can also choose to use moisturizing lotions, and at the same time with other brands of anti-wrinkle products, etc. In short, the most important thing for you is to figure out your skin type.

The fourth misunderstanding is to apply too much at one time. You think that there are too many things missing in your skin and want to use moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, etc. on your face. However, the actual endurance of the skin cannot absorb so many nutrients, and in the end, it looks oily.