3 Tips: How to Safely Exfoliate?

3 Tips: How to Safely Exfoliate?

After every time I wash my face carefully, I still feel the skin peeling after using the follow-up skincare products. The makeup is not particularly docile. Oily skin should be floating powder, dry skin should be card powder, so what is the problem? In fact, it is because the basic cleaning is not done well!

In addition to basic cleaning every day, the epidermal layer of the skin actually has a lot of aging keratin accumulation, and we need basic external pollution, haze, and dust every day, so the pores will be blocked over time. Therefore, exfoliation is a step that cannot be ignored.


After washing the face with a facial cleanser every day, dip a cotton pad into the cleansing lotion, massage the whole face in circular motions, and perform a second cleansing process. In fact, compared to other exfoliating products, the cleansing power of lotion is not very good, but it is simple and gentle, and it can be used every day even for sensitive skin. Some toners can also be used as a combination of cleansing and moisturizing, which can be said to be a must for lazy people.

Deep and powerful cleansing

If you are a city wall with thick cuticles, then the spa is far from being able to satisfy your cleansing efforts. At this time, a deeper cleansing process is needed, such as a sleeping mask with super cleansing power. Because it has a very strong cleansing force deep into the pores, some garbage in the epidermis can be absorbed, and blackheads can be removed well. Therefore, considering the tolerance of the skin, it is best to 2-3 times a week.

Professional prescription

So when it comes to exfoliating, many people's first impression is an exfoliating scrub. After all, it is professional enough, and there are different choices for different skin types. Even if you have sensitive skin with a thin stratum corneum, you can try it occasionally. Choose the exfoliating scrub with finer particles, so that it will have better skin-friendliness after applying it to the face. The skin will not feel particularly tight during the massage, and the cleaning power will not be bad, so choose carefully.