Why do you get acne?

Why do you get acne?

What should you do if you have acne

Many people are troubled by acne. Occasionally, one or two acne will not have much impact on the image, but many people with acne on their faces become inferior and dare not communicate with others. To find out the cause of acne on your face, you can take measures in time.


Some reasons for acne

There are many reasons for acne, staying up late, drinking alcohol, eating spicy, cold and fresh food. There are also improper use of skin care products, using inferior skin care products that do not meet the production standards. The reason why acne is repeated is because the skin inflammation has not gone down! It forms severe cysts, then to pustules, and finally results in severe acne scars.


The ways to avoid acne

Personal advice: eat less spicy and cold food, (especially for girls), so as not to stimulate the intestines. Towels commonly used at home should be cleaned and disinfected frequently and placed in a ventilated place. Using wet towels is easy to stick a lot of bacteria, which can easily cause acne. Do not squeeze pimples with your hands. Bacteria on your hands can easily cause wounds to become inflamed, resulting in scarring and pitting. Appropriate exercise is also a good choice to promote the body's metabolism.

keep a good mood

Regular rest and adequate sleep are also very helpful to our skin. We must learn to relieve our own stress, and relax reasonably. It is very important to maintain a happy mood. 


Stay a healthy lifestyle

In today's society, the competition is fierce, and the pressure on the body is relatively high, and we often need to stay up late to work overtime. In the long term, it will affect the blood circulation and cause irritability, and then induce acne. Give yourself plenty of rest, regular work and rest, and timely release of stress, which will help relieve symptoms. Endocrine disorders are also on the one hand. Maintaining good eating and resting habits, supplementing more vitamins can help regulate endocrine and promote acne recovery.


Do  exercise regularly

Excessive liver fire is a very common symptom. If the fire is not reduced in time, it will only increase the number of acne. Less smoking and drinking, more exercise and more drinking tea can reduce irritability and restore smooth skin.


There are many reasons for acne. A healthy and regular life will add points to the skin. Find out the cause of acne on the face and actively improve it to keep away the troubles of acne.