Causes of Acne Scars and How to Remove Them

Causes of Acne Scars and How to Remove Them

Speaking of the problem of acne and acne marks of the century, it is also heartbreaking. Regarding the causes of acne on the face and how to get rid of acne marks, I will talk to you carefully today!

1、Causes of acne on forehead

If you have acne on your forehead, it means your heart is strong and your blood circulation is poor. Excessive mental stress and poor temper are the main manifestations in daily life.

It is recommended to go to bed early and get up early, drink plenty of water, and it will significantly relieve the acne on the forehead.

2、Causes of acne on nose

Nasal acne is also a relatively common phenomenon. Generally speaking, nasal acne is related to the reproductive system. The main causes of nasal acne are: 1. Cervical spine problems, 2. Ovarian problems, 3. Reproductive system diseases, 4. Indigestion, 5. Endocrine disorders.

It is recommended not to excessively indulge or abstain in daily life. If it is caused by a disease, it must be treated in time.

3、Causes of acne between eyebrows

Acne between the eyebrows is also called Yintang acne. The external symptoms include chest tightness, arrhythmia, and palpitations. Friends with Yintang acne should pay attention to their diet in their lives.

It is recommended that you try not to eat irritating food and do more aerobic exercise.

4、Causes of acne on nose

In daily life, there is stomach fire, and those with poor digestion usually get acne on the nose.

It is recommended to eat less cold food to protect the stomach.

5、Causes of acne on the left cheek

If a person is irritable and often loses his temper in life, it is more common for this person to have acne on his left cheek. If he is angry and hurt his liver, friends with acne on his left cheek must have poor liver function.

It is recommended to maintain a stable mood and keep a happy mood.

6、Causes of acne on the right cheek

Acne on the left and right cheeks reflect different physical conditions. Friends with acne on the right cheek generally suffer from pulmonary dysfunction.

It is recommended to eat less mango, taro, seafood and other foods and pay attention to the maintenance of the respiratory system.

7、Causes of acne around the lips

Excessive use of fluoride toothpaste in daily life can cause acne around the lips, and constipation is also prone to acne around the lips.

It is recommended to adjust your eating habits and eat more fruits and vegetables with high fiber.

8、Causes of acne on temples

Those who often eat processed foods such as biscuits and beverages are prone to acne at the temples.

It is recommended to develop good eating habits and not to be greedy for snacks.

9、Causes of chin acne

Endocrine disorders are particularly prone to acne on the chin.

It is recommended to avoid ice-cold drinks such as ice cream in daily life.

The acne is healed and there are acne marks! Since the acne is not taken care of when it is growing, there are usually acne marks on the face. This acne mark is actually pigmentation caused by acne inflammation.

Ways to remove acne marks-sunscreen + exfoliation

In summer, ultraviolet rays are strengthened, it will stimulate melanin, and acne marks will be more obvious. So be sure to apply sunscreen when you go out. Regular exfoliation will abolish aging dead skin, which can make the skin breathe more smoothly and accelerate the repair of acne marks and metabolism. The method to remove brown acne marks-whitening essence.

Ways to remove red acne marks-moisturizing + repair

No matter what kind of skin care, you can't forget the initial basic maintenance, so moisturizing and moisturizing is also the highlight of removing acne marks. Many girls have acne more obvious after exposure to the sun and exercise. At this time, they should be repaired and cooled down immediately to solve the redness and swelling problem.

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